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Chilean King Crab meat is delicate & sweet. With its snow white meat, scarlet red membrane and fire engine red shell, it is one of the most attractive seafoods. Snowland King Crabs are packed only from premium live quality crabs with meat fills no less than 80% and generally as high as 90-95%. Unlike most other cooked King Crab products from Chile, Snowland’s King Crabs are cooked by a steam injected continuous system. This ensures individual target cooking and chilling to the highest quality standards. The Chilean King Crab fishery is fully managed by SERNAPESCA, the governing body for all fishing activity. Capture and landings are tightly controlled under stringent environmental standards in support of environmental sustainability and species protection policies enforced by Chile’s Sernapesca organization under the Fisheries and Aquaculture Act. The species Lithodes santolla refers to all King Crab caught in the southern half of South America, of which there are 4 common -species. Snowland Crab, is caught in region XII and can also be referred to as Lithodes antarcticus and is identified as the largest of the subspecies and the brightest red.